I feel extremely privileged and honoured to have learnt from some of the leading trainers in the world. To quote the legendary Christopher Bartle "the horse wasn't born with an instruction manual", and in my view neither are we! Therefore, my teaching principles and philosophies are based on passing on the knowledge which I myself have learnt in my career to date, my own experiences from riding many different horses at all levels.

I teach and help a wide variety of clients of all standards and ages in various disciplines, not all of whom have aspirations to be international riders. Of prime importance to me is that I can enable horse and rider to enjoy their riding more through classical and correct training techniques. In that way they can maximise their collective potential and thus be more successful. For me it is very rewarding to see my clients improve, sometimes struggling at life's hurdles but smiling as they come through to the other side with more knowledge in their "tool box" which will help them to work through such a situation in the future.

Correctness, patience and classical techniques are my goals for horse, rider and trainer!