"I would not hesitate to recommend Stef Thompson to any prospective sponsor as worthy of their support as well as being an asset to any company's promotional activities."
Christopher Bartle

I am very grateful to Baileys Horsefeeds for their ongoing support to me in 2009.

It's my belief that every aspect of horsemanship should be addressed. Whether the horse is kept purely for leisure or for top class competitions, correct feeding is a vitally important aspect to the equine athlete. I have been fascinated by all that I have learned so far from Caroline Dickens of Baileys Horsefeeds, and as always with horses this process will be ongoing!

I teach, and have ridden, a wide variety of horses in terms of type, ability and age. With all new clients I discuss their general programme and always include feeding. I am often amazed by some of the responses. To use an amusing analogy of Caroline's, they are often "feeding the stable floor" in terms of quantity! At the other end of the scale it is important also to provide the horse with enough topline to carry its' huge skeleton to the maximum of its' potential with enough energy, yet sanity. Following these discussions, I will then make my suggestions and, if required, Caroline will then contact my client direct and give her expert opinion on the horse's individual merits and needs.

I have been overwhelmed by the positive improvements Baileys Horsefeeds has made to all of my clients visually, in their improved performance and rideability. I would wholeheartedly recommend Baileys Horsefeeds, and their expert advice and knowledge, to anybody who owns a horse.