"Having trained Stef Thompson for many years, our sessions are now more discussions as to the best way forward with individual horses. This is possible as Stef has a wide knowledge of what she wishes to achieve, and it is with her positive character and open minded approach that we are able to find a way forward. Stef has an observant eye and a good understanding of the many problems encountered by the rider, having trained horses and ridden successfully at 4* level."
Gill Watson FBHS, Trainer of British Junior & Young Rider 3 Day Event Teams
"With my current horse Stef has been involved from the start, as she helped me choose him as a 4 year old training us all the way to 3* level eventing. Stef manages to instil some of her perfection with every lesson as she has a good eye for Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country disciplines, but all lessons begin with a little dressage! At least one notable comment comes from every lesson which tends to stay in mind even during those tense competitive situations, something I find especially useful when riding huge cross country fences."
Sarah Healy, 3*level event rider and has represented Great Britain in the Rural Riders European Championships.

I started training with Stef through a recommendation via Sarah Healy. I had quickly progressed through the levels from pre-novice to intermediate and found myself needing more professional help. Stef has a firm but fair method of training that I always understand and she is an inspiring rider to watch. I enjoy it when she rides my horse as she can teach him some things that I am struggling with, he then understands my aids better when I ride him, and she always explains what she's doing so that we both fully comprehend!

Stef is always supportive, whether advising on competing, planning events to feeding. She is always happy to give the best advice freely.

Nerissa Brady and Fox Lane Pepper won and placed at BE Intermediate level during 2008 and as a result were selected for The Equine Pathway 2012 Program.

"I first met Stef on a 2 day pony club eventing course and came away feeling inspired and eager to learn more. I enjoy stef's lessons as she has the ability to recognise problems very quickly and help to solve them efficiently and intelligently. She explains why things happen and how to prepare my horse to improve. I like the fact that she will ride my horse so she fully understands what I am feeling and I can see how things should be done.

Stef encourages me when I feel down about something but she clearly tells me when I am rubbish and that is good. I need to know!

She has been extremely helpful and supportive and I really enjoy her sense of humour."

Emma Silman, 15, Cheshire Hunt North Pony Club Open Eventing Team. Made their debut at Intermediate level at the OIU21 at Osberton achieving a double clear. As a result selected to represent GB at the CCI* at Jardy, France in 2008.

Stef's professionalism is apparent on arrival at Hunters Gate; all is immaculate and conditions are second to none. These standards are followed through with her teaching and her aim is from average to excellence with everyone. Her patient no-nonsense approach brings out the best in everybody and her ability to be able to read both horse and rider is amazing. Nothing goes unnoticed! Both major and minor mistakes are corrected which in turn promotes the best of abilities. From my own personal experience, my tears of desperation and frustration trying to achieve the basics on my young and difficult mare were transformed into tears of joy after only a handful of lessons and twenty minutes of Stef riding her. She revealed the start of what I hope to be her full and true potential. For this I will be ever grateful to Stef and cannot recommend her highly enough.
Lynda Wynnstanley, Dairywoman

"I worked for Stef for three and a half years and over that time I learnt a lot valuable information that I will be able to use to further my career as a professional event rider. Stef is a very diverse person and can adapt her training to any level of horse and rider to bring out the best in both of them.

In the time I spent with Stef I had a few different horses and with each of them I learnt something new from her knowledge and experience. Every exercise she uses is unique and beneficial to the horse and rider and you definitely learn something new about your own riding or a way to improve your horses form and technique over a fence. Stef is as equally talented trainer on the flat having had fantastic opportunities herself to learn from other International trainers and riders and she is incredibly good at passing that information on to her students.

I learnt alot from Stef in the time I spent with her, and that gave me the confidence and ability to be able to go out and successfully do what I enjoy the most!"
Charlotte Price, previously a working pupil with Stef, longlisted for Junior Team. As a result of Stef's international contacts, now working as a rider for an Australian event rider.

"I really look forward to my lessons with Stef - I think she's ace! Although they can be hard, I know that we will keep working on something until I get it right. Stef always tries to find a way to explain things so that I can understand but manages not to get crabby if I still don't get it. My confidence has multiplied thanks to her cross country training - she never pushes me too far, but far enough to make me believe in myself and my horse. Stef always helps me if I need advice - if I text her from an event about how to ride a particular jump, she always replies with something helpful that leaves me feeling positive. It is inspiring knowing that Stef has ridden at the highest level with the other big names - she's been there and is still doing that and is passing on her expertise."
Hilary Secker, 14, Cheshire Hunt North Pony Club novice team member. First season British Eventing 2008.
I have been having regular lessons with Stef over the winter on a variety of horses at various levels with different areas to target and improve. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience. From the beginning, Stef has been friendly, approachable and more than willing to offer advice in all aspects of eventing/ training. Stef is particularly good at, not only finding horses and riders weaknesses but then developing various exercises to bring on both horse and rider. She is extremely knowledgable and gives a consistent, definitive message that allows me to take home key messages from the lesson and areas to work on at home. I would recommend Stef to any rider at any level.
Nicki Toomer, works full time and also competes three event horses in her spare time. Has also recently recorded wins and placings at BD Novice and Elementary competitions.
I have enjoyed lessons with Stef for about two years now, on a monthly basis, I find she always improves me and my horse and is very consistent and encouraging in her instruction. Stef's teaching keeps the amount of jargon to an absolute minimum and is easy to work on when I get home. Having lost the urge to compete some time ago, I found the enthusiasm to ride a medium test for the first time in several years last week and I now hope very much to do some more. Stef is also very good at assisting with issues of diet, fitness levels, suggestions about equipment etc., all very helpful. Thank you, Stef.
Joy Toomer, accomplished dressage rider and trainer in her own right.
"Stef played an essential role during my last year in young riders, in which I was long listed for the European Squad. A complete perfectionist in every way, Stef is incredibly structured and always portrays an image of professionalism. As a trainer, she constantly looks for that extra 10% bringing out the best in both horse and rider. I always came away from my lessons with a positive attitude, having felt we had accomplished something alongside a continuous motivation and desire to improve. Whatever the query, I really value her opinion, and even now she has moved to Cheshire, she is always only a phone call away."
Jodie Amos, student of Stef's that was previously long listed for Young Riders team.
"Recently Stefanie has become my trainer, who undoubtedly prepares the lesson to meet my needs and standard which is supported by a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts. Stef's teaching is not only by instruction but also by example as she will ride my horse to correct and show correction- this, to me is invaluable. Her high expectations to improve me are balanced with humour and honesty resulting in a combination that drives me to excel. I would recommend Stef to anyone who is committed to improve both themself and their horse."
John Hargreaves, Manchester businessman, largely self taught rider, only recently started training with Stef. Aspiring to successfully compete at BD competitions in the near future.